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openCV on ubuntu

Posted on: December 10, 2009

Due to an error on visual studio, I couldn’t work on my openCV assignment so I looked for an alternative that would be easy to start working with. NetBeans seemed like a very good idea as I’m really familiar working on it but never on ubuntu. At first I downloaded NetBeans IDE 6.7.1 and installed it by typing:

sudo sh netbeans-6.7.1-ml-linux.s

Afterwards all the openCV libraries should be installed via the Synaptic Package Manager together with python-opencv .

Netbeans must be linked to openCV libraries (after the installation of openCV) so the following libraries should be added at the project properties-> Build-> Linker-> Libraries-> Add Library:

a. libcv.a
b. libcvaux.a
c. libcxcore.a
d. libhighgui.a

These libraries are found at: /usr/lib

Afterwards, The Build->C++ Compiler-> Include Directories should contain:

Hope this post helps :))


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